Everyone deserves to live/work in the space Tailored specifically for them. We deliver Livable, Logical, Comfortable and  Inviting interiors. 

We love to help people to Feel at Home - welcomed, safe, prosperous and convenient. We believe in a Great Layout;

without logic and good bones  decoration is contrived.

We strive for a Classic Spirit and Stately Interiors – scale, proportion, and craftsmanship.

We will never specify dangerous or poisonous materials. We work only, with Ethical vendors and contractors.

We combine traditional and contemporary, new and old to create interiors that convey an Understated Luxury and Comfort.

We give back to our community whenever we can. We like challenges and learning new things. We  believe in atmosphere and relationships, and that great design is a collaborative process. 

We love to find that one solution that will work for everyone in your family, we will not create out of trends, or duplicate designs of the past. We are reliable, professional, informative - we are problem solvers. 

Our designs are Precise and Thoughtful, each detail is planned with you in mind. We love people and animals. We are not Divas! We believe in loyalty and professionalism.

We  look forward to working with you.


Katerina bolshakova owner of KBDesign 


KB design is owned and operated by Katerina Bolshakova (that is me :)).

After graduating with my design degree, (before that degree I had one more – a master in Applied Math which gives me an interesting and unique spin on design) I spent some years in the Chicago area employed by the Kitchen and Bath showroom working on multitude of kitchen and bath projects as well as hospitality projects.

When we moved to Colorado in 2008, I passed a rigorous NCIDQ exam (a very comprehensive body of information and skills all about Interior Design - you want to hire a knowledgeable designer right?), and opened my own company. I was thrilled to be working with Coloradans, and still am; I loved our life in that state. In 2015 I followed my husband's work - and now we live and work in Seattle metro area; what an amazing region, so much beauty in every square mile!

I serve on the board of Washington State ASID (American Society of Interior Designers) to help other members to find their voice and to succeed in business.

I create my life, my business, out of a belief that everyone, should live a Custom life – life in an environment carefully tailored to their unique tastes and desires. It is my mission to help people understand what they like, how do they want to live and create a home or an office, tailored for them. We design all types of residential and commercial interiors for our wonderful clients, helping them create meaningful, beautiful, functional and supportive spaces to nurture their lives and loved ones.