“A great balance between practical and creative”

Katrina came out to our house and provided a great consultation for a project to transform our daughter's bedroom from youth to adult. She asked insightful questions that really allowed her to get to know what my daughter needed, liked, and her style. We appreciated the idea that she wanted it to be functional and make her feel beautiful to be in. We look forward to working with her in the future.

— C.O.

“I am so thankful for Katerina's guidance”

Katerina completely redesigned our whole kitchen from the studs up. It's amazing how different the room is, and how it flows beautifully into the dining and living room. The whole house is different now. My family loves hanging out in the great room. It really feels like our home now, instead of just a place we could afford. I love all of the design decisions.

— A.B.

I loved working with Katerina.
She listened well and was spot on with her solutions while designing our master suite.

— T.B.


“I would recommend Katerina to anyone looking for a great designer”

I found Katerina to be one of the most competent, professional, and helpful people I've had the pleasure of working with. From the first day of the project she was proactive and would check in constantly to see how construction was going. If there were any issues during construction, she was quick with an answer or a workaround and everything turned out great. She was very aware of our budget and also guided us through ways to save and splurge smartly. 

— C.S.

“Pleasant, professional, responsive designer with a great eye ”

This is my second project with Katerina - this time working several states away. She's pleasant, professional, responsive to requests and questions, has a great eye, precise in her drawings and she has affordable resources and service providers. I appreciate she listens to my vision for the project and priorities. To me, that creates a great value.

— E.G.

I've worked with Katerina for many years and on many projects. When her company was Colorado based we were the ones who built her designs for her customers. It was a long and happy collaboration. She is very professional, and she cares. She cares for the client, she follows the project through the finish. And she makes sure that her customers received a fair price.

— A.P.


"I would hire Katerina again without fail"

We interviewed several Interior Designers for our job. We were absolutely delighted that we decided to hire Katerina. She was a pleasure to work with. She works with very skilled artisans and has wonderful ideas on how to reinvigorate a room and house. We were delighted with the results of our large project and wouldn't change anything. Katerina communicated well throughout the process and stayed within budget. We were very disappointed that she left Colorado but our loss is Seattle's gain. A true professional in every sense of the word.

— J.M.

"We were so fortunate to find Katerina" 

She designed and orchestrated the renovation and remodel of our kitchen, living room and master bathroom. She invested time to get to know us and our taste and was then able to create a perfect design to fit us. Her designs exceeded anything we could have dreamed.

— M.T.

Katerina is a contemporary artist with innumerable skills. Her artistic precision, her innovative design solutions, her tasteful insights, and her absolute dedication to understanding her clients' dynamic needs made the entire process of designing my office a memorable, joyful and educative experience. Her technical prowess in space utilization created the foundation upon which elaborate layers of design could merge in order to cultivate crisp and refreshing beauty in literally every corner of an aesthetically-challenged medical suite. I initially struggled with giving creative license to her, but as I watched her ideas come to life and witnessed the value of her every recommendation, I was able to let go of my own ideas and benefit from hers. When new design projects emerged, I realized I was able to place my trust in her - carte blanche - and didnt have to struggle within myself to refine her recommendations... :) She honored my budget, and even hand-painted an entire room with specialty brushwork using metallic paint to complete a vision for one room (after a professional painter wanted 5K for the same work which would have made that design an impossibility). The spirit with which she offered my company her gifts was elegant and sincere, qualities which pervade into the designs she installs. Highest recommendation!


I had such a positive and fun experience working with Katerina. Her knowledge of kitchen design and her product is extensive, useful and meaningful. We worked on a kitchen remodel together and her creative design brought flow and functionality to the new kitchen layout creating a warm and welcoming new space. Katerina's ability to problem solve with creative solutions brought a high level of design to a project that needed out of the box thinking. Everyone involved with the remodel was very happy. I highly recommend Katerina to anyone looking for a designer who listens to your needs and puts your design first.



Last year we had a dilemma. Our kitchen needed an upgrade a big one. We wanted to do a kitchen remodel for a long time but were stuck trying to figure out how to approach the project. We were unsure what parts of the first floor will be affected and where to begin. The friend of ours recommended Katerina, and we scheduled a meeting. Best move ever! She is a communication wizard. I mean there is an accent, but she is so good on working with priorities, and explaining why we shall make, or not to make, certain steps or purchases. Our kitchen turned out fantastic, everything we wanted and more. She made every inch work for us. I have to confess that we priced her design against number of cabinet lines, and her cabinets priced exceptionally well. We ended up purchasing our cabinets from her as well. Will hire again.