DESIGNED in Person

Our Full Design Service is for busy people and families who want to achieve their design goals without having to handle every aspect of the process themselves.



Our Design Advice program is a remote consultation. 

Some projects are very well suited for an online relationship. Sometimes you do not want/need full service with all the colors, specs, patterns, and custom pieces. Maybe you are proficient enough to pull the space together, and just need a kitchen or a bathroom plan, or a little help with the interior architecture, or, maybe your space is quirky and you have difficulties placing the furniture. Many such design challenges are solvable over Skype and email. 



A Kitchen should be functional, good looking and inviting, serve with ease as an entertainment hub of your home, and as a center of your family day-to-day activities. We love designing these functional spaces for our clients, we are actually famous for it. 


DESIGNED For designers

Not all designers have an extensive experience designing kitchens and bathrooms, we offer this service to fellow professionals.

Chat me up for the details on the process