Our design advice Is offered for those who want to solve logical problems with their space. Please understand that we will not choose an exact color for your walls, or precise finishes for your furniture online. Without seeing the space it is impossible to assess the color of the light that is pouring through your windows, without meeting and getting to know you it is impossible to guess in what color combination you and your family will look the best.

Here is how it works:

Step 1

Please send us a request with the detailed description of your design dilemma, and your preferred times for the communication: kbolsh@kbdesign.us

Step 2

You'll be sent a link to purchase an initial 30min phone or Skype call ($90). Sometimes this 30min is enough; if not, see Step3.

Step 3

After our initial conversation we'll send you a customized questionnaire and request for photos in the specific directions.

After analyzing the problem, we'll communicate via email to determine in what form and how precise you want your answers to be – this will affect the time spent by us.  It could be plans (kitchen layout, furniture placement, architectural details recommendations, list of design sources), could be another conversation should you deem it necessary, could be organized list of actions and steps that you'll take to achieve your goals.

A design Proposal with the detailed information on what will be provided in what time frame, and what hours will be spent on your project will be sent to your approval (the hourly fee for the Design Advice service is $125).

Step 4

After your approval of the Proposed service, you'll be sent a link to purchase.

Step 5

In the time specified in the Design Proposal, you'll receive the recommended solution in a form we agreed upon in the Step 3.

Need advice? Send us a request at kbolsh@kbdesign.org