Canadian sense of humor

We were taking a short vacation to Vancouver last weekend. Spent a bit of time walking in the Capilano park of course, it's all wonderful - the history, the engineering of the walks, abundance of ferns, and the public - very entertaining.  Perhaps even better then the Mother Nature. Not every day you'll meet a giggling and jumping 50 some year olds for the sake of their picture on the suspension bridge. Look! No hands, no hands....

Took a ride in Grouse Mountain Gondola for some amazing views of Vancouver. The link can be found here. The only down side of visiting Canada's parks is a ticket's price. Very high for unsuspecting american tourist. What is stuck with me, though, what was different from all beautiful Seattle, per se, were unusual signs and billboards that we found. Take a look:


I loved the combination of the proverb and the new building behind it. I wander if this was done on purpose? I mean did they built that huge building behind the little smart ass because of it's attitude?


What about of this pearl?

 Procrastinators workshop

We did not have a chance to check if it's a permanent installation, or it was posted specifically for that evening's meeting :).

If you want some entertainment come here:

 Canadian entertainment

Some honesty right? And the last one is a bit different but somehow feels fine in the company of previous photos:

 Concrete plant


This is a concrete plant. Let's make an art out of an eye sore. Is it a wonderful idea or what? 

I think, you can tell I liked it in Vancouver!